Oundle pool on the inside

Oundle and District is a small team where the masters swimmers train alongside the age group swimmers. This site features the masters swimmers. However, the team accommodates swimmers from age 10 upwards and has regular members of all ages. Swimmers select the lane which best suits their capability - which means the masters swimmers typically train together. Similarly, the younger swimmers tend to swim together.

Most of the masters swimmers only swim with the Oundle team while the majority of the age group swimmers swim with another local club. Age group swimmers from Wellingborough and Kettering make use of Oundle training sessions to increase the pool time available to them.

The team is suited to masters swimmers of district level and above although competing is not required. For the younger swimmers, the team accommodates a wide rage of abilities. We recommend you come and see if the training is what you want (and we can suggest other options if it's not).

Oundle pool on the outside
Oundle and District is affiliated to the ASA and has an emphasis on training towards open meets and national competitions. The team swims three times per week with each training session lasting 1.5 hours.

Head coach Cliff Dedynski prepares the training programme to incorporate the various elements required with an emphasis on the middle distance events. Cliff is active on poolside and keeps a record of the times swum on many of the training sets.